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Healing, Teaching, and Art

Post-graduation, the realities of not having access to printing services and hand-held power tools at my fingertips put me in a bit of a funk. However, these last few months have been vital to reassessing where I am in my art practice, and how these decisions impact my healing journey.

Thankfully, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and instruct both senior citizens and high school students in drawing and painting. The personal low lows that have occurred in a less-than-predictable pattern for over a decade were interrupted with the sunshine of teaching these vibrant communities. You can see the strange abstract paintings and even realistic studies that have resulted from this time on my instagram at hrpeebles.

My personal practice lately has been a mixture of floating bodies in paint, opening up in writing, and selective reading. Gabrielle Civil’s Swallow the Fish has been giving me a lot to think about, in terms of identity, freedom, and my interpretation of art.

What’s become clear in spite of the constant cloudy state of dissociation is that the steps I had been taking both inside and outside my practice (although I question the level of division between my life and my work) to heal from sexual violence were overtaken by giving to others. Giving energy and not receiving what I truly needed to keep moving forward. Or taking energy that so many others desperately need, even when given freely. See: emotional labor.


I am at an important crossroad in my practice and in my life.


Updates + MCAD MFA Thesis Show

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this website (to see recent work in the graduate program, visit my MN Artists page at  If you’ve been keeping track of my CV, you may have noticed that I’ve done a few gallery shows, however, the majority of my work has been outside of the gallery.

Since January 2017, I have been facilitating workshops collaboratively with victims of sexual violence.  Although my studio-based practice has proceeded tangentially with my community-based work, I’ve committed to an interdisciplinary approach to shift the culture surrounding sexual violence in the United States. Mainly, I’ve been meeting, connecting with, and laughing with artists, activists, and educators to learn and share information.  As a rape survivor, this involves levels of vulnerability, courage, and a commitment to self-healing that I have otherwise not been able to pursue.

Join my peers and I for our MFA Thesis Show on May 12th from 6 pm to 9 pm at 2201 1st Avenue South in Minneapolis, MN.






Sneak Peak @ Hot Shops Open House Prep

Thank you for your continued support!

Please visit the Studio 220 Collective Facebook page here.

Hope to see you this Saturday and Sunday!!


2014 Hot Shops Winter Open House

Come on down to the Hot Shops on Saturday, December 6th (from 12 – 8pm) and Sunday, December 7th (from 12 – 5pm) for live music, artist demonstrations, gifts for the holidays, and to meet artists in their studios!

Swing by and say hi in the second floor corner studio, Room 220 where we’ll have raffles, prints, and original pieces for sale.  I would love to meet you!

Here’s a peak at a couple of series in progress:

Chaos in Nature WIP 11-2014 (2)

Chaos in Nature series in progress

Chaos in Nature WIP 11-2014

Chaos in Nature series in progress

Sexuality Series WIP 11-2014

Sexuality series in progress


Research + Photographs

Besides research on recycling and pesticides, I’m also interested in the idea of Place specifically with how buildings shape our experiences.  I had a string of strange dreams lately that featured houses, bridges, and entire isolated places that reoccurred frequently in my dreams from childhood up until 5 or 6 years ago.  As I was reading about acute and chronic spaces, I suddenly began drawing and making little connections.  It’s interesting that I’ve spent so much time in my art career using mother nature as a vehicle of discussing human nature, but never thought of how these buildings in my dreams were metaphors for life.  Although I don’t remember details of what happened in my dreams, I always immediately recognize and remember structures as they occur in several dreams.

On a brighter note, the seasons are changing and it is incredibly beautiful outside.

Here are some photographs I’ve taken around Omaha that inspire my work.


October Sale + Updates

For the month of October, I am offering discounts on all of my work from the beginning of 2014 and earlier! Email me directly at for more information and/or price inquiries.

All funds are greatly appreciated and will go directly toward assisting in applying for MFA programs, purchasing new supplies, and studio fees.

Thank you so much for your continued support!!

Via numerous brainstorm and photography sessions at the park lately, I have narrowed down four themes in my work that I would like to explore in the next few months in preparation for an MFA program: Plastics > Human Nature vs. Mother Nature > Innocence > Sexuality

As I let paintings breathe and pick them back up again for completion, I will keep you updated as new visual vocabulary, imagery, and color schemes develop.
This also may be the first time that I’ve ever been so excited for the Nebraska winter season. Bursts of color against the dulled landscape, the incredible skies at night, the crisp air, and peaks of sunlight.



“Chaos in Nature” series + MFA Pursuit

The Chaos in Nature series of mixed media works represent an intersection of mother nature and human nature, with human nature at the forefront.

It started as a way to dissect sets of emotion with paint through my ongoing vocabulary of organic shapes, but has grown into a new style, color scheme, and outlook.

The simultaneous covering up of an older painting while still leaving areas exposed, peeking through intersections of linework, creates a vibrant dialogue.

It’s a conversation that I am continually working to interpret for entry into an MFA program next Fall.

Chaos in Nature series shotChaos in Nature I, II, & III