Thoughts on DBT Therapy – Healing Tool & Systemic Tool of Oppression?

Lately I’ve been deep into a reading called The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. This book so far, among several other factors in recent weeks have both reaffirmed some of the techniques and developing habits from my investment in Dialectical Behavioral […]

MCAD Week 2: GA + Where is my Brain?

This week, I began my Graduate Assistantship with the Minneapolis College of Art & Design as part of the Sustainability Environmental Action Committee (SEAC) to “reduce energy and waste, promote conservation, and decrease MCAD’s impact on the environment”.  In the cafeteria are bins not only for trash, but for recycling and composting as well! I […]

< 28 Hours Left to Contribute!

Please consider making a donation (big or small) to help support this incredible journey to MN to pursue an MFA. There are paintings still available for your generosity and support: 6/10 paintings for $30 2/3 framed drawings for $50 Strata (4×4 oil on canvas) for $500 Follow the link to donate to my fundraiser, In […]

Hot Shops Open House – Day 2!

We would love to see you in Studio 220 today from noon to 5 pm. Check out some photos from the weekend so far: Although I will be moving out at the end of this month, keep up with my mates in the studio by liking their page. As always, thank you so much […]

October Sale + Updates

For the month of October, I am offering discounts on all of my work from the beginning of 2014 and earlier! Email me directly at for more information and/or price inquiries. All funds are greatly appreciated and will go directly toward assisting in applying for MFA programs, purchasing new supplies, and studio fees. Thank […]

cross:pollinate shots & [forty ten]

Here are some shots of our salon style set-up at Drips in Council Bluffs, IA! Tres Johnson’s & my work is intermingled for an engaging experience with color, shape, and texture. If anything stands out, don’t hesitate to ask about pricing/shipping options. — Also, don’t miss my upcoming group show, [forty ten], at a new […]