Minnesota Mean: Participatory Work @ MCAD

Part of The Twin Cities Takeover, Minnesota Mean: The Students Take Measure is a student exhibition of activist work on display in the Main Gallery from January 16th to March 6th.

On February 22nd, two of my participatory works will be installed, Untitled (Sexuality as Identity) and Untitled (Perpetuating the Cycle), a new piece proposed specifically for this show.

I invite you to stop into MCAD before March 6th to interact directly with these works as I confront and question our contributions to rape culture in the United States.

There is a revolving schedule of work and performances throughout this entire time frame to experience as well!



Thoughts & Exploration

Memories and Reflections of 9 Years in NE

In 2006, I packed my car full of belongings and left North Carolina for the 21 hour drive out to Omaha.
With encouragement from family and friends, I left everything comfortable behind to find a path – or maybe simply stability.

This warm, laid back city would become the environment to realize so many dreams, cultivate growth as an artist and human being, and challenge my sense of place in the universe. This month marks 9 years of searching for answers in a community that I’ve become so invested in.

As I head to graduate school in the next few months and begin another incredible life transition, I have been painting a series of smaller works, combining map elements, line, and paint.

This amalgamation of bits and pieces is a reflection of my time here, the growth I’ve experienced, and most of all, Omahans!

The people that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.
The artists that continue to electrify the landscape with murals,
forward ideas, and a hunger for advancement for the peoples of the community.

As with any city, there are divisions, but the vision is alive for unity and expression.

To celebrate the diversity of cultures,
the farm-to-table philosophy,
the power of small business,
the struggle for equal rights.

Opportunities here seem hidden, but are widely available as more and more people become involved and active.
With so many paths, I can only be thankful for the immediacy of the future pushing me forward onto new series, new landscapes, and more research.

Please join me and fellow local artists Gerardo Vasquez and Andrew Gustafson for the Emerging Artists show in Algona, IA to see these small works in person.

Details below:

The Stinson Arts Council presents Emerging Artists show featuring Omaha area artists
March 27 – April 21 at the Gallery at the Library
Opening Reception Friday, March 27 from 5-7 pm

Thank you so much for your continued support.