Minnesota Mean: Participatory Work @ MCAD

Part of The Twin Cities Takeover, Minnesota Mean: The Students Take Measure is a student exhibition of activist work on display in the Main Gallery from January 16th to March 6th.

On February 22nd, two of my participatory works will be installed, Untitled (Sexuality as Identity) and Untitled (Perpetuating the Cycle), a new piece proposed specifically for this show.

I invite you to stop into MCAD before March 6th to interact directly with these works as I confront and question our contributions to rape culture in the United States.

There is a revolving schedule of work and performances throughout this entire time frame to experience as well!



Thoughts & Exploration

Goals & Skepticism – 2016

Although it is a reality that I have the rest of my life to enact change, there is a great pressure to achieve greatness during the next year and a half while I attend grad school.

As I read articles and books aligned with and against my viewpoints, that pressure has become a wall.  I continue to ask myself, “what is the best path to take to ensure that people in the future have better opportunities, access to education, and the knowledge of their physical and emotional environments to lead healthy lives”?

Researching for my graduate assistantship in Sustainability further complicates this question as I realize the amount of barriers in the way of taking care of the planet.

What has become concrete, through conversations with my peers, is that there is no single set path to achieve these goals.

Looking at the history of participatory art via Claire Bishop’s Artificial Hells:  Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship has helped me realize why I chose this methodology during my first semester in grad school and also how those reasons are flawed and problematic.

I began to think that art had lost its magic; that art was too passive for society today.  To bypass the hypocrisy of selling art to a supposed elite through the traditional gallery settings and rally against the failures of capitalism, participatory art/engaging an audience directly/creating a memorable experience may be an answer.

However, artwork that functions within the viewer/object relationship is still effective.  So I continue to paint in this context as well to improve my visual vocabulary.

There is still a lot that I don’t know and can’t assume to know.

For more clarification, I want to keep learning, continue the conversation, and do my best not to get discouraged.  Next semester, I will be auditing an Art in Community class with an instructor who has done incredible work in the Twin Cities.  This opportunity fell into place with perfect timing as I question my role as an artist and the direction in which my work should go.





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MCAD Week 1 + Meeting Waters

The incredible amount of advice, opportunity, diversity of practices, and level of expectation thus far at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design is just what I was looking for in a Master’s program.

I am proud to have made it through my first week with my mental health intact!
Already I am hoarding a few books from the library to dissect and inform my practice (which is already changing).

The challenge will be mostly in choosing my focus out of the many themes I am passionate about and utilizing MCAD’s resources to grow exponentially intellectually and as an artist in the next two years.



Thank you so much to everyone that was able to stop by to see the opening of Meeting Waters: 2015 MFA Fall Exhibition. We had a great turnout for the MFA showcase; a journey with live performances, paintings, drawings, printmaking, installation, conceptual, films, etc! As a first year in the program, I was blown away by the level of execution and subject matter of my fellow studio mates’ work.



We have open gallery hours this weekend to catch the show before it comes down Sunday night!

MCAD Whittier Gallery
2840 S Grand Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
Saturday, 8/29 from 12-6
Sunday, 8/30 from 12-4


Chaos in Nature VII & VIII

Thank you for your support!


The Meeting Waters: MCAD MFA Exhibition


Opening Friday, August 28th from 6 to 9 pm at the Whittier Gallery, The Meeting Waters is an exhibition of the students of the MFA program at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design!

Exploring the theme of ‘transition’ has been invigorating as I prepare to move to Minneapolis, strengthen friendships, say goodbye to family, and welcome the vulnerability of new meetings.

The above paintings are works in progress, utilizing colors as moods and lines as connections.

Look for more updates on the show and the trip to MN.

Thank you as always for your support!

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Let’s Go 2015! – Exhibitions, MFA Applications, and Linework

As the deadlines approach for the four MFA program contenders, 2015 has so far been full of tweaking images and personal statements. Although there is no guarantee that I will make it into one of these programs for Fall, the process itself has given me so much more insight into the direction of my work and goals for this year.

Keep an eye out for new exhibitions in February and March, the latter of which will a showcase of brand new paintings alongside the talented local artists Andrew Gustafson and Gerardo Vasquez.

Below is a peak at recently finished works!

Thank you for all of your support and Happy New Year!

Winter (Day II)

Winter (Day II), the 6th painting in a series of Winter inspired diptychs on panel

Chaos in Nature series

Chaos in Nature series (III, IV, and I respectively) on display outside of our Studio 220 at the Hot Shops Art Center


Sneak Peak @ Hot Shops Open House Prep

Thank you for your continued support!

Please visit the Studio 220 Collective Facebook page here.

Hope to see you this Saturday and Sunday!!


Spring 2014 BFA Thesis & BASA Senior Art Shows – Opening April 13th

Image   image credit to the University of Nebraska Omaha


The 46 graduating Studio Arts and Fine Arts students will be displaying their works at the University of Nebraska from this upcoming Sunday, April 13th – Saturday, May 10th.  There is open parking on the lots at UNO on the weekend, so come out and see the really incredible work (including my winter diptychs) from 3-5 pm this Sunday.

For more information, visit the featured article here.

Visit the UNO Gallery page here.


Thank you for all your support, especially for the local art community here in Omaha and surrounding cities.